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What you should ask your DJ


Our ideas have earned us recognition as a leading music service expert on creating fun reception celebrations. Free music & sound consultation available for every function.

Soundworks has an extensive music library to meet any of your music needs including a  minimum 10,000 songs available for your event.

Dance music requests are always welcomed, after all your music requests are our motivation and if you have special music needs we will gladly work with you.

We are experienced at playing to the crowd and working with each function to ensure it is a success and can assist you in picking out specific songs for your 1st dance, Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, Bouquet & Garter toss or last dance as well as coordinate MC events with your M/C.

Planning an event such as a wedding is no easy task. We will do everything possible to bring life to the wedding reception you have envisioned since you started planning your special day.

Flow plays an important role in the success of you reception. Let your guests sit to long after dinner and they may get bored and decide to leave. Or rush them thru everything and they may feel like they missed something important.

Wedding Ceremony Sound

We can provide music and microphones just about anywhere; inside or out, providing that there is a power supply. Outdoor weddings & Functions should be in a covered area such as a tent.

We welcome specific music requests or equipment request for your function. Such as musical instruments or lighting at no extra charge.

Different sound systems available depending on your needs including dance floor lighting available upon request.

Contact us to check availability.