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What you should ask your DJ

What to ask your DJ

When customers inquire regarding the disc jockey service I provide the questions I usually receive are “How much do you charge?” or “What kind of music do you play?” Though these are important questions, many more questions need to be asked to hire the right Disc Jockey for you!

I encourage customers to look into other companies in order to give you an idea how my service stands up to the competition. As each party is unique, it is important that you hire not only the right company, but the right Disc Jockey to ensure your event is a success from beginning to end.

Here are some questions that will be helpful in your search for a disc jockey service:

  • How long will the Disc Jockey perform?
  • Will background music be provided?
  • Will I meet with the Disc Jockey performing before the event?
  • How much experience and music knowledge does the Disc Jockey have?
  • Will the Disc Jockey be properly attired for the event?
  • How much input will I have in the music selection?
  • Will the Disc Jockey take requests from my guests?
  • Does the disc jockey company have a CD library and is it kept up-to-date?
  • What type of sound system do you have?
  • Will the business provide a contract to secure the date and time for my function?
  • Will the Disc Jockey be flexible to my needs?

Provided by: Spencer Looysen Dance Music Services

Any questions please contact Spencer at 250-812-8600 or by E-mail